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La ilaha illallah, for you, a thousand times over.

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Ft. Nike Free Run 5.0

Ft. Nike Free Run 5.0

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Ft. Nike Free Run 5.0

Ft. Nike Free Run 5.0

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I like drinking coffee alone, and reading alone.

I like riding the bus alone, and walking home alone.

It gives me time to think, and set my mind free.

I like eating alone, and listening to music alone.

But when I see a mother with her child;

A girl with her lover;

Or a friend laughing with their best friend;

I realize that even though I like being alone

I don’t fancy being lonely.

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…. would love to hear this….

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I stopped telling myself that I’m lost.

I’m not.

I’m on a road with no destination, I’m just driving with hope that I’ll find a place that I like and I’ll stay there.

I’m not lost, I’m on my way.

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A Love letter To The Pathetic Girl →


JAN. 3, 2014

I promised myself that I would never be this girl. I was sitting on the floor, tears streaming down my face, angry, confused, contemplating jumping off a building, and wondering: how the hell did I get here? This was not like me. I was always the girl who reveled…

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